l. Spontaneously From storytelling to Myth. You get the basic tool for studying, memorizing and reproduction of a story.

ll. From Spontaneous storytelling to folktale. You get in-depth tools in dramaturgy and dynamics for rendition of a story.

lll. From Spontaneous storytelling to Art Saga. It offers in-depth training in your own instrument, the body and the voice, as a means of expression in the performance of a story.

lV. Sagan environment. Here, we study our surroundings – animals, nature and people outside and inside ourselves. This gives us a more deeply rooted in the characters and qualities of the story.

V. The narrator and Lord. Here, we study your unique expression. Raise awareness for forces and smaller strengths as narrator. Explores the field of what is on that particular narrator who you are.

Each module consists of 3 x 3 hours. Approximately 2 hours of homework per module. In all modules included spontaneous storytelling, play, movement, and the study of our world.

After completing this course you will have a thorough introduction to storytelling. Course certificates are issued.

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